UW Faculty at odds with GOP Legislature and System President

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Political storm clouds are forming over how much state aid the University of Wisconsin System will get in the next two-year budget. And, if Republicans keep control of the Legislature in November elections, those clouds could easily turn into a red-flag storm warning.

Faculty votes of “no confidence” in System President Ray Cross and the policy-setting Board of Regents on six of the UW system campuses have angered Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislative leaders – leaders who must sign off on UW System aid in the 2017-19 budget, which will pass the Legislature next year.

UW System faculty members object to several actions by Walker and Republican legislators: State aid to the UW System was cut by $250 million in the current two-year budget, forcing buyout offers, unfilled vacancies and canceled classes. State law guaranteeing tenure protection was repealed, leaving it up the Regents to set new tenure guidelines. Undergraduate resident tuition has been frozen for four years.

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