IKEA is coming to Wisconsin

Gwangmyeong Korea - September 14 2015: IKEA logo from Gwangmyeong in Korea. IKEA is a multinational company that designs and sells furniture appliances and other home related items. Gwangmyeong sotre is the world's largest IKEA store.

Break out the blue and yellow.

It’s official: Wisconsin’s first IKEA, a retail store known for assemble-it-yourself furniture and all things Swedish, is planned for a site along I-94 in Oak Creek.

In an overnight press release and in a press conference scheduled for Thursday morning at Oak Creek City Hall, city officials and representatives of the company confirmed, as reported Monday in the Journal Sentinel, that IKEA wants to build a store on about 30 acres just west of the freeway and north of W. Drexel Ave.

The IKEA store is expected to draw consumers from many areas of Wisconsin as well as the northern part of Illinois.

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