Green Bay police tighten grip on shoplifters

A female in the act of shoplifting or stealing puts an item under her clothes ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

From Green Bay Press Gazette:

GREEN BAY – Shoplifters busted in Green Bay these days might be in for a surprise.

Where police normally may have just written them a ticket and sent them on their way, those thieves may now find themselves taken downtown, fingerprinted, photographed and then set loose to find their own way back home.

Or, if they qualify for “frequent flier miles,” they could be jailed.

Police Chief Andrew Smith recently identified shoplifting as Green Bay’s most common crime. Serious crimes hit a five-year low in the city last year, but thefts overwhelmingly are the most common kind of crime, and retail theft dominates the theft statistics, according to a report issued recently by the state Department of Justice.

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