DHS withdraws proposal to change long-term providers

Hole torn in a dollar bill with medicaid text

The Department of Health Services is no longer seeking approval for changes to the state’s long-term care programs.

The state agency had asked lawmakers in March to approve changes for next year to Family Care and IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct), Medicaid programs that provide home care, job support and other services to more than 55,000 disabled and elderly Wisconsin residents.

Kitty Rhoades, secretary for the Department of Health Services, said in a letter Thursday to the co-chairs of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee that the department had received “comments, feedback and questions” about their “approach for a sustainable solution that provides better care for consumers at a lower cost to taxpayers.”

“I am writing to withdraw the concept plan approval request at this time,” she said in the letter. “I remain committed to the goal of an integrated outcome-based care model that coordinates all of an individual’s care needs.”

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