UW-Madison child had lead poisoning

UW-Madison child has lead poisoning

From La Crosse Tribune:

Public health officials ordered UW-Madison to address chipping and peeling lead paint at an on-campus apartment complex this spring after they discovered a child living in one of the buildings had suffered lead poisoning.

The head of UW-Madison’s housing division said the university planned to deal with the lead paint on entryways and other features in the University Houses apartments during a renovation of those buildings two years ago, but cost overruns in the project ate up funding for exterior work.

Along with the renovations, UW-Madison is now planning a $600,000 project to permanently remove lead paint from University Houses, Novak said. The university has solicited bids for the removal and plans to have it completed by the fall, though Novak said no start date for the project has been set.

Asked whether other University Housing properties might have similar lead problems, Novak said officials are reviewing the state of lead paint in buildings across the campus, as well as their “long-term plans” for removing or abating it.

But, he said, “Where we do have lead, we do have safe conditions.”

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