Milwaukee recieves $1 million loan for work on lead pipes


From Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee will receive a $1 million state loan this year to begin work on an enormous and costly task of replacing 70,000 lead water pipes throughout the city.

And the first priority will be replacing pipes to 385 state-licensed day care centers, public works officials said Thursday.

No public school buildings now in use within the Milwaukee Public Schools district receive water through lead pipes, so the city will focus on the licensed day cares with young children.

It will take three years to complete installation of new water service lines at those operations, said Aaron Szopinski, city policy and research coordinator.

More water samples will be collected from those six homes later this week after construction crews finish compacting the new road bed on the west side of the street, Public Works Commissioner Ghassan Korban said.

Testing of water throughout the pavement replacement work on S. 13th St. should show whether lead levels become unsafe, Lewis said.

The utility intends to do more water testing this summer at one other street construction project in an older neighborhood, said Lewis.

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