National gun violence awareness day recognized in Wisconsin

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Imagine growing up and not having a memory of your mother before your memory could actually form. Well, that’s the exact scenario that Khary Penebaker has had to endure his entire life.

From Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service:

Khary Penebaker does not know what his mother’s voice sounded like.

He also does not know what her favorite color was, what she smelled like and what it was like to hear her tell him that she loves him.

“I don’t remember anything about my mother,” Penebaker said emphatically as he held up her death certificate to the bright blue sky. “That’s a problem and it is going to require every single one of us to stand up and say we had enough…and we will do whatever it takes to fix the problem.”

Penebaker, 38, who was 20 months old when his mother pulled over on the side of a road and shot herself to death in 1979, was one of the speakers during a National Gun Violence Awareness Day event in O’Donnell Park in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday.

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