Wisconsin: a popular destination for pro-golf

Wisconsin: a popular destination for pro-golf

From La Crosse Tribune:

Andy North can attest to the value of watching and learning from the best.

As a burgeoning golfing talent growing up in Monona in the 1960s, North loved to see the touring pros in person to soak up everything he could.

Of course, that involved a little trip to the Chicago area.

“I used to go down to watch the Western Open when I was 14 and 15, just because it was a great opportunity to learn how to play the game better,” said North, who would grow up to be a two-time U.S. Open champion. “It’s great to have events that juniors can go to and watch their heroes.”

Generations of young golfers in Wisconsin had the opportunity to do just that without leaving the state, thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Open, which began a 42-year run in 1968.

“There’s a lot of pride because we’ve had some great golf here in the state of Wisconsin,” North said. “But it’s pretty special to have it right here in Madison.”

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