Green Bay logistics are vital for local economy

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From Green Bay Press Gazette:

GREEN BAY – Transportation and logistics may bring to mind long-haul truck drivers and the long trains that block Green Bay traffic on a daily basis.

But don’t forget the region’s original transportation lifeline: The Port of Green Bay. Fur and lumber, the original industries that helped build the port two centuries ago, may have gone the way of Fort Howard, but they’ve been replaced by coal, salt, cement, oil, limestone and other materials.

As it does, Haen said demand for skilled labor, both on the shore and on the water, will grow beyond the roughly 800 jobs the port currently supports.

“Fuel costs will rise. Traffic congestion will rise. That will drive more things to the water,” Haen said. “And as more things are shipped on the water, you get more high-value products. And that means more logistics, more transportation and more freight-forwarding jobs.”

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