Social media strategy of Steven Avery’s lawyer is questioned

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Since late January, legions of “Making a Murderer” fans have developed a weekly obsession — scouring the internet for the latest tweets from Kathleen Zellner, Steven Avery’s high-profile criminal defense attorney from Illinois.

Now five months later, Zellner continues to reward her growing list of 163,000 Twitter followers with 140-character snippets of her theories and ongoing defense work on behalf of Avery, 53, who has remained incarcerated since his arrest in November 2005 for the death of freelance photographer Teresa Halbach of neighboring Calumet County.

But some have questioned the social media tactic, including Matthew J. Haiduk, a veteran criminal defense attorney in Geneva, Illinois. He told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin that Zellner’s frequent use of Twitter in the Avery case is highly unusual.

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