Supply chain: backbone for America’s economy


From Appleton Post-Crescent:

The intricacies of the nation’s supply chain happen in plain sight every day from trucks on the road to piles of goods and materials in warehouses and distribution centers.

“Logistics keep America running,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of RGL, a Green Bay-based logistics company that moves and stores goods and supplies throughout the United States and Canada. “If you go to a store, (the products) went through a warehouse, a distribution center, it was handled by a truck at some point in time, and logistics touches all of that.”

People working in the industry say supply chain management has taken on greater importance in the last two decades and it continues to evolve as a sector meshing math, problem solving, communications, science and technology.

Dan Vanden Brink, vice president of engineering and advanced analytics withAshwaubenon-based Schneider, came to the company after working with a high-tech manufacturer. His interest in the field was piqued by the interaction, and impact, of supply chain dynamics on the larger business picture.

There are a lot of moving parts shipping raw materials to the production facility, finished product from the plant to distributors and then from distributors to consumers.

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