Walker has a budget for Roads and it’s not good for the economy

walker's roads budget affects economy negatively

Reports about Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s budget’s have surfaced again and what he has planned for Wisconsin roads budget could seriously hurt the economy.

From Urban Milwaukee:

As summer in Wisconsin comes into full swing, more motorists are hitting the road to enjoy the great sights and destinations our state has to offer. Unfortunately, Wisconsin tourists and residents are experiencing more potholes and crumbling roads and bridges. Instead of solving this problem, Gov.Walker and Republicans are simply posturing and ending another legislative session without meaningful action on infrastructure.

To make matters worse, Gov. Walker has once again used misleading claims to justify his inaction. Our state’s vital but neglected infrastructure deserves a serious plan. But instead, the Governor has made it clear he intends the next two years to be more of the same lack of investments for our roads and bridges.

The governor claims that of the “most heavily traveled highways,” more than 90 percent of them were rated fair or above fair condition, so spending increases are unnecessary. What the governor failed to mention is that he is only referring to 1,588 miles out of 115,000 miles of roadway in Wisconsin, just 1.4 percent.Democrats are committed to saving people money through funding our infrastructure, which over time will help Wisconsin become a leading state in economic development once again. While Republicans have punted on transportation, Democrats have led. We need to address our crumbling infrastructure immediately, not continue to keep kicking a bigger can down a longer road full of potholes.

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