Remarks from Sen. Stroebel suggest conditions of roads aren’t as bad as reports suggest

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From the Cap Times:

When the topic of Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure has surfaced lately, a study that puts the state’s roads in a poor light is often mentioned.

A 2013 study by the American Society of Civil Engineers showed Wisconsin having among the worst road records in the nation, with 71 percent in mediocre or poor condition.

But state Sen. Duey Stroebel said all the talk of the declining condition of the state’s roads needs to be debunked.

Stroebel opposes tax or fee increases to help pay for what some claim is a crumbling state transportation system. He said other studies show a different picture for Wisconsin’s roads.

A report by the conservative Reason Foundation showed Wisconsin’s highway ranking improving from 31st in 2009 to 15th in 2012.

Stroebel said that in the Reason Foundation report, the four states ranked as having the worst roads have prevailing wage laws and no right to work law. The 10 states with the best roads, he said, do not have prevailing wage and have instituted right to work.

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