Zika Virus Found in Wisconsin

Macro of mosquito sucking blood close up on the human skin. Mosquito is carrier of Malaria Encephalitis Dengue and Zika virus

Public health officials have identified the first instance of Zika virus in Dane County.

Public Health Madison and Dane County announced in a statement Friday that a woman contracted the disease while visiting Colombia. Though the woman is now back in Dane County, experts said there is little risk of the disease spreading and Zika poses little danger to Wisconsin.

Zika, which is transmitted primarily through certain mosquitoes found in humid climates, is symptomatic in only one in five cases. Symptoms are mild and include rash, fever and muscle pain, according to the Center for Disease Control. The disease is rarely deadly, but poses significant dangers to the prenatal health of babies.

Read more on the virus at the Badger Herald.

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