Lincoln Hills prison leader faces no disciplinary action


Allegations of abuse at Wisconsin’s juvenile prison, Lincoln Hills surfaced late last year. Now former staff at the facility aren’t being disciplined for their actions.

From Stevens Point Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The former top psychologist at the state’s troubled juvenile prison faced no discipline last year after mocking the breasts of a teenage girl with mental illness who had run down a hallway naked, records show.

Vincent Ramos used graphic and crass language to ridicule the size and appearance of the girl’s breasts, according to the account of one of his co-workers.

Ramos later admitted making the comment to the co-worker, who told internal investigators she immediately left the area and asked a colleague to go with her because she felt uncomfortable and feared Ramos would follow her.

“I was in shock that a man of his profession would say something like that,” she told investigators. “It made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and I just wanted to be away from him.”

Ramos’ bosses decided he needed counseling about appropriate work behavior rather than discipline for those comments and for complaints from others that he had invaded their personal space and used terms such as “babe” and “honey,” documents released under the state’s open records law show.

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