Major Wisconsin representation at Ohio GOP convention


The GOP convention that will be held on July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio will have major political representatives from Wisconsin. House Speaker Paul Ryan will be chair of the convention, Steve king, RNC member will be staging the convention, and Jeff Larson will be convention CEO.

Appleton Post Crescent Reported:

“It’s kind of amazing isn’t it?” said King, 75, a former Wisconsin party chair who heads the RNC’s committee on arrangements, which is responsible for putting on the four-day event in Cleveland.

It’s also kind of ironic that Donald Trump will be nominated at a convention run by Wisconsinites, since Wisconsin was where he suffered arguably his worst primary defeat last April, where he has just one-seventh of the delegates, and where his relations with prominent Republicans have been rocky.

The New Yorker bashed Gov. Scott Walker during the nominating fight and helped drive him from the race. Speaker Ryan endorsed Trump last month, yet has criticized him many times and found himself at a CNN “town hall” Tuesday night restating his disagreements with Trump over deporting illegal immigrants and banning Muslims from entering the United States.

But Priebus, Ryan and King are all longtime members of the Republican establishment. They represent that part of the establishment that decided the GOP’s only course was to try to unify behind Trump, whatever their qualms. And they illustrate how party regulars have been at various times antagonists, foils and allies of Trump.

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