New technology could solve 40-year-old homicide case


Authorities in Jackson County are hoping that advancements in technology and a University in Florida will help solve a 38-year-old homicide.

The LaCrosse Tribune reported:

Jackson County authorities are working with a Florida university to track down the travels — and hopefully the identity — of a homicide victim whose body was discovered in Jackson County in 1978.

The University of South Florida’s Institute of Forensic Anthropology and Applied Sciences agreed to take the Jackson County case opened when loggers discovered a body in the town of Knapp almost four decades ago. It has been a year since Jackson County authorities released a sketch of what the man may have looked like when he was killed.

The USF institute can help determine a a dead person’s birthplace and geographic movements. Police hope to learn where the man had been before his body was left in the remote area of Jackson County.

“The goal is that if I can at least get enough information to determine where this person was from, then at least I can take my sketches and hopefully get them out in that area,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Capt. Kelly Bakken said.

The sheriff’s department a year ago this week released two sketches of what they believe the man may have looked like when his body was discovered, and investigators had hoped the images, along with the victim’s DNA profile, would be keys in solving the case.

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