Pope Francis on ultraconservatives: “They do their work and I do mine”

Rome Italy - April 30 2016: Pope Francis on board for ships of the Pope-mobile runs through St. Peter's Square waving to the crowd around him on the occasion of the day dedicated to the jubilee of the military family and police.

The divide between Catholics and non-Catholics is a growing one. Pope Francis has been on the forefront of poverty and civil rights in the Catholic Church, winning praise worldwide from everyone. But some still don’t buy it. From Huffington Post:

The pontiff’s crusade to foster an open and inclusive church has found him reaching out to atheists, relaxing church rules on divorce, and even apologizing to the world’s gay community on behalf of the entire church. For these and other surprising moments, many Catholic conservatives are nonplussed with the Argentine pope.

In a recent interview with Argentinian newspaper La Nación, Francis responded to a question about his opponents in the church by saying simply, “They do their work and I do mine.”

“I want a church that is open, understanding, that accompanies families who are hurting,” he continued. “I continue my course without looking over my shoulder. I don’t cut off heads. I’ve never liked doing that.”

But the pope has blasted bishops and other Catholic leaders on a number of occasions for failing to demonstrate a welcoming attitude.

Following a contentious synod, or meeting, of bishops on family matters in October, the pontiff criticized church leaders who “bury their heads in the sand” and cling to dogma while families dealing with issues like divorce continue to suffer from exclusion.

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