Speaker Ryan observes training day with the Packers


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited Packers training camp on Thursday morning.

Even though Ryan works often in Washington, DC, he is in Wisconsin a lot because he maintains permanent residence in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports:

The man has addressed world leaders and national television audiences, but U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had a new crowd Thursday morning.

This time, Ryan chatted with the Green Bay Packers. All of them.

Ryan had a captive audience as he broke down the Packers huddle after their first training camp practice with pads. The practice lasted for more than 2½ hours, and Ryan was an active observer.

“I’m used to giving a lot of speeches,” Ryan said. “I was actually pretty nervous talking to these guys. As just a lifelong Packer fan, it was just a pretty cool experience to meet the team.”

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