Top 7 Pokémon Go spots in Milwaukee


If you see a large group of people gathered in a space, all looking at their smartphones, they aren’t bored or just trying to pass the time. There’s a chance they are all playing one of the most popular mobile games in U.S. history, Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go has taken over some of Milwaukee’s finest attractions as Pokéspots for users to find and capture rare Pokémon and meet other users playing the game.

devCodeCamp has created a Meetup on Tuesday, July 19 to bring Pokémon Go fans together.

Here are a few top spots in Milwaukee to find rare Pokémon:

Milwaukee County Zoo

Although unproven at this point, it appears the Pokémon Go algorithm increases the amount of Pokémon to capture based on how many people are playing the game in a given area. It means the Milwaukee County Zoo is an obvious hot spot to play Pokémon. The Zoo has 30 pokéstops and four gyms.

Colectivo near McKinley Marina

People constantly walk along the lake front to capture Pokémon. That means at some point they are going to end up at the popular Colectivo by McKinley Marina. One Pokéspot is constantly being boosted. This stems from people sitting at the coffee shop and drinking beverages for long periods.

U.S. Bank

The U.S. Bank downtown does not initially come off as a Pokémon Go hot spot. However, Pokéstops located on every corner of the building means consistent action. This stems from a lot of foot traffic that leads players to boosting the Pokéstops.

Third Ward

The Milwaukee Public Market is the obvious choice to collect awesome Pokémon and stack up on supplies. Plus, there are countless Pokéspots and at least three gyms in the Third Ward.

For the full list, visit devCodeCamp