Support pours in for Jerika Bolen’s “Last Dance”


Yesterday we reported about Appleton teenager Jerika Bolen. She’s made local headlines with her decision to end her life on her own terms. As a child, she was diagnosed with a genetic spinal condition called spinal muscular atrophy.

Jerika, 14, decided that she wanted to be removed from the ventilator that keeps her alive at the end of August. But before that, she’s deciding to have a prom and community support is stepping up in a big way.

WBAY in GreenBay reports:

Prom day has arrived for a 14-year-old Appleton girl who has been faced with a difficult decision.

Jerika Bolen is living with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA. The genetic progressive neurological disease has taken away her ability to use the muscles in her body, and it’s left her with unbearable pain.

Bolen has decided that she’s at peace. At some point in August, she will stop receiving treatments that are helping to keep her alive.

On Friday, July 22, Jerika Bolen will have her “Last Dance” at the Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton.  The public is invited to attend the prom.  Doors open at 7 p.m.

Admission to Jerika’s “Last Dance” is free, but the family will be accepting donations.

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