The UW System needs UW-Milwaukee to be strong


Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, is the economic engine that drives Wisconsin. The saying “as goes Milwaukee, so goes Wisconsin” holds a powerful truth. And now, the pressure is on to keep Milwaukee, and its assets like the local public research university, strong.

Writer Marc Eisen presents a strong argument to empower UWM to strengthen the entire statewide University of Wisconsin system in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

I have a deep appreciation of what a world-class university means … Wealth, good jobs, really smart people, hip restaurants and a leg up on creating the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Where I’m not so good — and I’m confident my friends and neighbors are equally in the dark — is appreciating Milwaukee and its compelling need for a strong public university at the heart of its economy.

Granted, Milwaukee’s well-being isn’t exactly high on outstate Wisconsin’s list of priorities. Ditto for Milwaukee’s suburbs, whose leaders like to lecture Milwaukee on its failings (when they’re not complaining about the crazy liberals in Madison).

For the whole piece, visit the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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