50 places you have to eat in Milwaukee


In some circles, Milwaukee might be seen as a place just to pass through on the way to Chicago, seemingly unremarkable. But because Milwaukee is in the dairy state, and known for it’s obsession with beer and everything fried with cheese – people in the food industry are being to take note, and stay awhile at some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants.

Born in 2014 at a popular pizza restaurant on Milwaukee’s east side, there’s a chalk board where visitors can fill in the blank to the statement “before I die I want to.” That phrase it fitting because Thrillist put together a list of the 50 Best Things You Need To Eat In Milwaukee Before You Die:

Thrillist says:

In what should be a spoiler to no one, eventually, we’re all going to croak — it might not be soon, but just in case, be sure you’ve left the land of the living having eaten all of Milwaukee’s iconic foods (and told your mother you love her). From fried fish and cheese curds to tamales and honey pie, we’ve narrowed our bucket list down to 50 amazing foods from around the city that you need to experience.

1. Hot dog, Milwaukee-style

The Vanguard (address and info)
Bay View
The homemade hot dog at The Vanguard is made with as much respect as all of its other encased meats. Top it with cheese, cheese sauce, and cheese curds (Milwaukee-style, appropriately) for a transcendent hot dog experience.

Mazos (address and info)
Nothing fancy here, just freshly ground beef, a couple thick slices of gooey American cheese, and smokey bacon. It’s been making its burgers the same way since 1934 for a reason.

3. Friday fish fry

The Packing House (address and info)
Town of Lake
The Friday fish fry is so popular at this supper club that they made a dedicated drive-thru just for fish. Breaded cod or perch is served with all the fixings: clam chowder, rye bread, tartar sauce, and fries or potato pancakes. Only non-Wisconsinites order fries when there are potato pancakes to be had.

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