Aaron Rodgers younger brother, Jordan, wins ‘Bachelorette’


The NFL pre-season is just getting underway and Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers has been in the news a lot lately, because his younger brother, Jordan was a contestant on this season of ABCs dating show, ‘The Bachelorette.’ Jordan was chosen by ‘bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher as the final contestant on the season finale last night, and Jordan proposed to Fletcher.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette has a recap:

What happened: JoJo’s parents tell both Robby and Jordan (and all of America) their daughter has “trust issues.”

Robby does everything right — wears a crisp white shirt with a collar and long sleeves in the Thailand heat, talks lovingly about meatloaf on the beach, has a sweet, if scripted, exchange with her teary-eyed parents, asks both of them for her hand in marriage.

Jordan does everything wrong — shows up with goofy hat gifts, sets off Mom’s “playboy” radar, doesn’t ask Dad’s blessing to propose (see last week’s episode about checking off that last box) but rings them up later and repeatedly calls them “you guys.”

So, of course, JoJo picks Jordan. We knew that all season, or at least in the first few minutes of the finale, when she described Jordan to her parents:

“He always just seems like the type of guy I would always go for. It always made me nervous that maybe he was the one guy who could break my heart.”

Yes! Go for that guy!

For more, visit, Green Bay Press-Gazette.

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