Activists concerned about water diversion


Waukesha’s water woes remain. Recently, the Great Lakes Compact Council approved a plan to divert water from the Root River in Racine to Waukesha, but environmental activists and residents aren’t hopeful, or done with the conversation.

The Racine Journal Times reports:

The Great Lakes Compact Council has approved Waukesha’s request to divert water from the Root River, but that doesn’t mean the job of Racine’s environmental activists is finished.

Three local environmental organization directors addressed the Racine City Council month, and all urged the council to educate themselves about the dangers Waukesha’s diversion could pose to the river that runs through Racine.

“They will have to begin construction, and then the return flow for that will come down the Root River,” said Todd Brennan, the director of Alliance for the Great Lakes. “Whether we like it or not, that’s going to have to be something we contend with and deal with in terms of quality and quantity.”

Brennan was joined in addressing the council by Dave Rhoads, the director of Greening Greater Racine, and Weed Out! Racine Director Melissa Warner. While the trio conceded that the diversion inevitably will happen, they urged the council to support studying the effects the diversion will have on the river.

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