State dollars aid small school districts with transportation


Getting around rural parts of Wisconsin can be a challenge by itself, because everything and everyone is so spread out. Add to that children who live in small, rural towns needing to get to school, transportation can an issue. The state of Wisconsin is hoping to alleviate some of that burden off of the districts by offsetting some of the costs.

The Journal Times reports:

“Drought Elementary School will share in $17.7 million in state sparsity aid, which is given to small, rural school districts across Wisconsin.

The state Department of Public Instruction allocated $25,331 to the Norway Joint 7 School District, in which Drought is the only school. The money will be used to offset transportation costs, which for Drought adds up quickly, given how spread out its students are, Principal and District Administrator Carrie Reid said.

Drought Elementary, which serves grades 4K-8, is located at the northwest corner of Highway 45 North and Seven Mile Road.

“Sparsity aid is a significant source of aid for us because as a small district, with the limited enrollment that we have, every dollar counts,” Reid said. “When we get money from the state or federal government, it essentially saves our taxpayers money, so we truly appreciate it and make the most of it.”

For the 2016-17 school year, 141 Wisconsin school districts qualified for sparsity aid based on enrollments of 745 students or fewer and membership of less than 10 students per square mile of a district’s geographic area, according to a DPI news release.”

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