Using technology to maintain event engagement


Before the technology boom and before everyone had a Twitter account and spoke in 140-characters or less, events were just events. Now with the smartphone, event planners are using this technology to their advantage during events to keep participants engaged.

BizTimes Milwaukee reports:

As Twitter boards replace wireless microphones and mobile apps replace paper schedules, corporate events are becoming increasingly tech-centered. Milwaukee area companies are both producing and consuming various types of event technology at an accelerated pace.

The rise of the “Internet of Things” indicates companies are trending toward an increase in technology usage, but consumer preferences and technology adoption levels vary. This is true for app-based event technology, one type of corporate event tool.

Popular mobile event apps, including Eventmobi, Bizzabo and Guidebook, serve both the company and the attendee before, during and after the event. The company uses the app to plan and execute the event, while the attendee uses it to experience the event.

As a bonus, the paperless nature of mobile event apps appeals to many business’ sustainability commitments.

Before using an app, the user must download it on to a mobile device—but herein lies the problem, for some companies.

“Across the U.S., event and tradeshow companies are disillusioned with how many people use the event’s app. For some shows, companies got rid of the paper directory and went to an app, but when the event was over, no one kept the app,” said Jay Partington, president of Hartland-based Expo Productions Inc.

According to Partington, app-based event technology works well for large events such as the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, which hosts upward of 100,000 registrants.

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