Walker proposes performance-based funding for UW System


If you’ve been paying attention, August has been a rocky month between UW System officials and Gov. Scott Walker.

Here’s a brief timeline of events:

First, Gov. Walker announced that state agencies, including the UW System shouldn’t expect an increases in funding. Then UW System President Ray Cross, asked lawmakers to lift the cap on in-state tuition, and increase support for higher education to the tune of $42.5 million in the 2017-19 state budget.

And today, Gov. Walker announced his plan for a new funding system for the University of Wisconsin System that will be based on performance measures.

Madison.com reports:

Gov. Scott Walker will include new funding for the University of Wisconsin System that will be tied to how it performs in certain measures as part of his next budget proposal, a spokesman said Tuesday after UW officials laid out their request for tens of millions of dollars in new state support.

But Walker still plans to call for extending the freeze on in-state tuition that the head of the UW System is asking legislators to end in the coming budget, spokesman Tom Evenson said.

UW System President Ray Cross released an outline of the system’s budget request Tuesday morning, calling for a $42.5 million funding increase over two years for programs that Cross says will help students graduate sooner and strengthen Wisconsin’s economy.

Evenson said Walker will include some new funding for the system in the 2017-19 budget proposal he will release early next year. But it’s not clear how much new money the governor will seek for UW — Evenson said it’s too early in the budget-writing process to say — and the funding will come with still-unspecified strings attached.

“It will be tied to performance metrics to help ensure students are receiving the greatest value for their hard-earned money,” Evenson said.

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