Wisconsin continues to be “battleground” state for Republicans


Wisconsin has long been touted at a “battleground” state in national political circles, and the 2016 presidential election isn’t showing signs of losing that designation.

The Presidential primary election in April had Bernie Sanders as the winner, and Ted Cruz, both of whom are no longer in the running for the nation’s top office.

But their foes, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are. And with less than 90 days to go before the general election, both camps are making it a point to win-over Wisconsin voters and Wisconsin’s political elite.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Gov. Scott Walker and Donald Trump will miss another chance to stand on the same stage next week.

Trump is expected to hold a pair of fundraisers in the state on Tuesday, including one in Milwaukee. The campaign has not released details of the events, but Trump typically also holds public campaign stops while in battleground states.

Walker will be in Colorado next week to attend a Republican Governors Association meeting and other events including a panel with the Aspen Institute on Tuesday evening.

Trump campaigned in Green Bay last week and his running mate Mike Pence has made three stops in Wisconsin the past two weeks.

For more, visit, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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