Early voting in Milwaukee starts today


As of this writing, there are 42 days left until November 8, election day. Before then, there are plenty of opportunities to cast an early vote, either in-person or by mail absentee ballot.

Today, early voting began in multiple locations throughout the City of Milwaukee.

In July, restrictions on early voting were been removed by federal court in Wisconsin and other states.

The removed restrictions include:

  • Limiting municipalities to one location (municipal clerk’s office) for in-person absentee voting.
    • Now voting locations in addition to the municipal clerk’s office can include libraries, shopping centers and college campuses.
  • Requirement that in-person absentee voting run no earlier than two weeks before an election, and only take place on weekdays.
    • Now in-person absentee voting can happen at the discretion of the municipality. In the city of Milwaukee, early in-person voting begins on Sept. 26. For a list of other municipalities voting locations, dates and times, click here
  • Prohibition on distributing absentee ballots by email or fax.

Other questions surrounding voting recently in Wisconsin have been with voter IDs. A photo ID is now required to vote in the state of Wisconsin. Bring It to the Ballot has more information the acceptable forms of photo ID.

For more on early voting, either in-person or absentee and acceptable voter ID, visit Common Cause Wisconsin.