Hotel market is booming, but raises concerns


In search of a vacation but don’t want to spend money on airfare? Try a staycation instead. Staycation is a mash up of the words, stay and vacation.

Used to encourage individuals and families to find leisurely activities within reasonable driving distance. Staycation can also mean being a tourist in your own city and booking a hotel.

Milwaukee’s downtown hotel scene is booming but for some it’s raising questions about supply and demand.

Biz Times Milwaukee reports:

One of the most highly underutilized office towers on one of the busiest corners in downtown Milwaukee has been sold to Drury Southwest Inc. and is expected to be converted into a 200-room hotel.

The fact that that the Missouri-based company is considering opening a luxury property at the First Financial Centre, 700 N. Water St., is another sign the city’s hotel market is booming. Milwaukee welcomed San Francisco-based Kimpton to the Third Ward in June.

But it also has some people questioning when the downtown area might reach too much supply for the city’s hotel room demand.

Drury Southwest plans on evaluating the market for a few years before deciding if it should move forward. But if it does, the Drury, along with the three other new hotels planned in downtown Milwaukee, would add a total of 624 more rooms to the neighborhood.

For more on this development, visit Biz Times Milwaukee.

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