Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy violated campaign finance law

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Wisconsin Republican Congressman Sean Duffy was found to be in violation of federal campaign laws for accepting an illegal campaign contribution.

Duffy was sent a letter by the Federal Election Commission outlining what the illegal contribution was.

Federal law states individuals or certain political committees can not make a contribution to a candidate for federal office that exceeds the limit of $2,700 for a primary and $2,700 for a general, for a total contribution to any one candidate of $5,400.

Duffy, has been in office since 2010 and should understand federal law – still he accepted contributions from one individual that far exceed the limit.
On December 31, he took $5,700 from Barry Mclean. $2,700 was for the primary and $3,000 was for the general, $300 more than legally allowed. In July, he took an additional $5,400 from Mclean, who was already over his limit. Duffy failed to properly return the contributions as required by law and was found in violation.

In this situation, Duffy accepted two $2,700 contributions from an individual in each election, the primary and the general but did not properly amend his report.


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