Writer warns of dire situation at Wisconsin DNR


Writer and former Mayoral staffer, James Rowen shares a gloomy outlook of what is to come for Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) under Gov. Scott Walker.

In his blog, The Political Environment, Rowen discusses how the Walker adminstration has used the DNR as a policital chess piece, saying “proud science and public health state agency now run with the pollution-protecting “chamber of commerce mentality.” Rowen also adds:

“We’ll know more when Walker announces his 2017-’19 budget – – with an eye on
Walker, 2018 – – and if the past is any indication, the DNR will continue to lose money, staff, prestige and relevance, while the public loses Stewardship land access, and the use of state parks now stripped of state support (corporate naming rights are on the table: Goody!)”

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