Black Lives Matter co-founders speak to sold out crowd in Milwaukee


Speaking to a sold out, 700-plus crowd, Black Lives Matter co-founders Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors were welcomed to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last week to discuss the future of the Black Lives Matter Movement and answered questions from the audience.

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports:

Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has been an activist since she was 12 years old. Garza, 35, was raised by a single mother, who encouraged her to become involved in social issues at a young age.

Another co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, 32, faced a multitude of struggles during her life: coming out as queer, her brother’s incarceration and her father’s death.

“I had a lot of rage. I had a lot of sadness,” Cullors said. “Entering activist work gave me clarity.”

“Rage and love… I don’t see them as mutually exclusive,” added Garza. “I see them as two halves to a whole. We have to transform rage that motivates us into deep profound love.”

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