Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes named “11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2016”


The National Trust for Historic Preservation named Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes to it’s “11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2016” list.

This is a big deal because the Domes have been much the topic of conversation this year, as they were closed for a period of time earlier this year due to repairs needing to be made on the structure.

Urban Milwaukee reports:

“Prospects for preserving the iconic Mitchell Park Conservatory got a major boost today, as The National Trust for Historic Preservation named the attraction known as the Domes as one of its 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2016, a list it has promoted since 1988. The building comprises three cone-shaped horticultural glasshouses completed between 1963 and 1967, which have became a South Side landmark.

Genell Scheurell, Senior Field Officer for the National Trust’s Chicago Field Office, spoke at a press conference at the Domes this morning. She called them “stunning examples of midcentury architecture that have also been a key part of community life in Milwaukee for more than 50 years.” Scheurell said NTHP joined with the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance (MPA) in “urging Milwaukee County to find a solution that preserves the Domes for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations rather than needlessly sacrifice this unique national treasure.”

Dawn McCarthy, MPA president, sounded the alarm, noting that County Executive Chris Abele has “suggested that the Domes may have outlived their usefulness and could be demolished.” Abele’s spokesperson Melissa Baldauff says “The county executive understands that the Domes and what they represent are important to our community. He is committed not to a specific outcome, but to engaging the community in a thoughtful and deliberate planning process that results in a sustainable future for Mitchell Park.”

For more on this landmark designation, visit Urban Milwaukee

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