New hands-on exhibit at Discovery World teaches Physics


Discovery World opened a new interactive exhibit on October 15, called Physics & You. The exhibit showcases children’s natural curiosity in physics and provides the opportunity for experimentation on how things work, and why.

“Discovery World is excited to unveil Physics & You to the community in partnership with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation,” said Discovery World President & CEO Joel Brennan. “In 1665, a falling apple gave rise to Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity and motion. More than 350 years later, kids can learn and apply those same laws by blasting off a rocket or racing a car in this interactive new exhibit that brings physics to life in fun and exciting ways.”

“Physics & You” sponsored by the Great Milwaukee Foundation is to show kids that physics is fun and not scary. The exhibit doesn’t have very many words, or instructions posted, and that’s intentional, so kids follow their own intuition and learn by doing.

Kids are encouraged to try activities at six different interactive stations. Each station gives the opportunity for kids to jump right in, question and explore specific concepts, fun for all ages.

The six interactive stations are:

Air Cars: Test Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Grab a car off the shelf, customize it for speed and race to the finish line.

Air Rockets: Witness Newton’s First Law of Motion by choosing a pre-made rocket or build your own. Place it on the launch pad and see what happens.

Circuit Bench: Discover the best way to complete a connection with a maze of circuits.

Ring Launcher: Turn a generator to send a charge to the capacitors to launch the ring. Experiment with different ring sizes, weights and designs.


Sailing Cars: Try out the best way to sail, without the water.

Vertical Flyer: As the objects enter the air column, notice how different versions react to the same amount of force from the air.

Physics & You is a great extension of what Discovery World already is doing, teaching children that the world is about exploration and creativity.

For more information on Physics & You, visit Discovery World‘s website.