Packers impressive win over the Giants


This season has been a slow start to the Packers finding their rhythm, Sunday night’s game against the Giants proved that the Packers are getting better.

Packers sportswriter Gary D’Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel breaks down what went well in the 23-16 victory:

Everything pointed to a big game by Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night.

The Green Bay Packers were healthy on offense and well-rested coming off the bye week. The New York Giants’ secondary was short-handed in the wake of a Monday night loss to Minnesota.

The Packers ran the ball well, which theoretically should have helped play action. The line blocked exceptionally well, giving Rodgers plenty of time to go through his progression.

There was a time the NFL’s leader in career passer rating would have carved up the Giants’ defense, completed 70% of his passes, thrown for 300-some yards and three or four touchdowns.

Not on this night.

Rodgers looked ordinary in Green Bay’s 23-16 victory at Lambeau Field. He appeared to be, at times, skittish in the pocket. He threw behind receivers, over their heads and into the ground.

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