Reedsburg, Wisconsin celebrates Fermentation Fest


The annual Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg, Wisconsin just wrapped up over the weekend. The annual fest provided hundreds of visitors with a 54-mile long route, combined with post-card views of scenery and a unique art and agriculture experience to the small Sauk county city.

Fermentation Fest brings people from all corners of Wisconsin together to discover farmland, art, local food and cultural performances.

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Fermentation Fest drew strong turnouts this week despite one day of unfavorable weather.

The annual Reedsburg festival, which wraps up on Oct. 9, has attracted people from around the globe with its driving tour, classes, vendors, author talks and workshops.

The festival had a rainy, cool start on Oct. 1 and the day wasn’t the most ideal for the Farm/Art DTour. Still, cars lined the roadsides and tourists stopped to admire the art, buy some crafts and produce and take pictures with their phones.

Traffic further increased on Oct. 2 as skies cleared and the temperatures reached a pleasant mark. Visitors continued to take the tour through the week.

While sun is preferred a small amount of rain can still be a plus, said Nina Macheel, managing director of the Wormfarm Institute, the organization that presents Fermentation Fest. Partly cloudy skies can look incredible over farm and forest landscapes, which is what happened during Fermentation Fest’s first weekend. In fact, the views are one of the attractions of the tour.

“Rain has its own beauty,” she said. “The clouds were beautiful.”

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