Russ Feingold presents clear vision for working families


Wisconsin Republican Senator, Ron Johnson is facing a challenge by former Senator Russ Feingold, both candidates recently debated issues that are on the minds of Wisconsin’s working families.

From retirement to veteran care to student loans to paid family leave and everything in between, Feingold presented a clear economic strategy that works to lift up Wisconsin’s middle class and working families.

Feingold said, “It really is a shame instead of siding with the families of this state making the request,” he added that Johnson went with the “corporate view.”

Johnson, a former business owner,¬†continued to dodge questions on his solid support of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and he provide canned responses on concerns on police and community relations.¬†While Feingold said he would support more resources to struggling communities. “The African Americans that I met with in Sherman Park the other day feel very uncomfortable with a lot of their police encounters. We need to reinvigorate the funding for community policing that was started in 1994 and was very beneficial to communities so that people know each other,” Feingold said.

Election day is November 8.