All three Mitchell Park Domes will re-open to the public


For the first time since February, all three domes at the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory will be open to the public starting on Saturday, October 29, 2016. The domes closed in February after falling debris presented a safety risk to visitors.

The closing of the Domes sparked a lot of local debate and conversation about whether or not to save the Domes or take them down because they are an aging structure.

The Domes were recently listed on the National Trust for Historical Preservation as one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 2016 list.

Biz Journals reports:

The Desert Dome at the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory will be reopened on Sat., Oct. 29, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced.

With the reopening, this will be the first time all three Mitchell Park domes are open since Feb. 5, when they were closed over concerns about falling debris due to aging structures.

Abele said the Desert Dome is opening one week ahead of schedule.

“Thanks to the hard work of County staff, volunteers, our contractor Masonry Restoration, and our consultants we were able to open the Show Dome ahead of schedule, have reopened the Tropical Dome, and are now reopening the Desert Dome ahead of schedule,” Abele said. “People have been loving the fall show in the Show Dome and are looking forward to enjoying all three domes over the holiday season and beyond.”

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