Democrats hope to win Congressional seat in northeastern Wisconsin


Election Day is just a few days away and Democrats are optimistic about the outcome because of the energy and efforts that have been placed into electing quality Democrats up and down the ballot.

A Democrat Tom Nelson is seeking to take the seat in the 8th Congressional District in northeastern Wisconsin out of the hands of Republicans. Tom Nelson has political experience as a state assemblyman and he’s been the Outagamie county executive since 2011. Nelson’s opponent is Republican and former U.S. Marine Mike Gallagher.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports:

Tom Nelson is a lanky 40-year-old who, by all accounts, dotes on his two young children.

His day job has long been in state politics before becoming¬†Outagamie county executive. But now he’s looking to take the 8th Congressional District seat out of Republican hands.

Incumbent Republican Reid Ribble announced early this year he would not seek a third term representing northeastern Wisconsin. Nelson’s opponent is former U.S. Marine Mike Gallagher.

At a recent Hillary Clinton rally hosted by Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, Nelson took the stage and told a crowd of hundreds that he initially didn’t think he would enter the race.

“Back in February or so, when Congressman Ribble said he wasn’t going to run, I turned to my wife, Maria, and asked her what she thought,”¬†Nelson said. “Before I could say anything, she said, ‘No.'”

A lot has changed since February.

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