Latino voting surge stuns in Nov. 8 election


Andrea Montes is a 18-year-old high school student from Wisconsin and she just voted in her first election. The high school student experienced fans yelling “Trump 16” and “Build that wall” at a soccer game she played in.

Montes’ story received national attention and Sec. Clinton mentioned Montes story in a speech at the League of United Latin American Citizens conference in Washington, D.C.

Even with voter suppression laws in place, experts said this would be the election that brought out Latino’s in large numbers to vote, and it did. As reported by the Wisconsin Gazette, there are many factors in play:

• Latinos have registered to vote at increasing rates.

• Many Latino voters indicated they’re more interested in this election.

• They are motivated by issues such as the economy and immigration.

• Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s anti-immigration stance has also stirred potential voters.

“Harsh rhetoric that has been spewed by Donald Trump, right out of the gate, comparing Mexicans to rapists and murderers, could help galvanize the Latino vote to vote against him,” said Joseph Garcia. Garcia is the director of the Latino policy center for the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University, which researches and analyzes critical issues in that state.

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