Monday night football game: Packers and Eagles


The Packers have been struggling and are on a four-game losing streak, but the gold-and-gold is hoping to win tonight against the (5-5) Philadelphia Eagles.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives his predictions for the game and what to watch for:


ON THE OUTSIDE: Wide receiver ranks as one of the Eagles’ two weakest positions. “The receivers can’t get open and they drop a lot of balls,” an executive in personnel said. “(Jordan) Matthews is the best. He’s a good route runner. Has a good understanding. He’s just inconsistent catching the ball. He’ll drop some really easy throws. (Carson) Wentz isn’t good enough to overcome those (drops) now. … (Nelson) Agholor has been a disaster. Lined up wrong in the last game taking away a touchdown. Dropping a lot of easy balls. He’s been that way since they drafted him. … (Dorial) Green-Beckham is big, athletic. The talent is there but you’re not seeing a lot of production. Still doesn’t have a concept or the trust of his quarterback to run the right routes. In his defense, it’s hard being traded (Aug. 16 from Tennessee) and picking up the offense midstream.” Added another scout: “They don’t have a lot of weapons or a lot of playmakers, if any at all. (Zach) Ertz is more of a safe kind of a guy, not a guy who scares you.”

For more from McGinn check out, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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