Thousands across the state say Trump is #NotMyPresident


Last night thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in downtown Milwaukee and Madison, and other cities across the nation to protest the President-elect Donald Trump. Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, the vote of American citizens, but lost the electoral college vote.

The protest in Milwaukee began at Red Arrow Park, the site of the many protests in Milwaukee since 2014, when an unarmed man, Dontre Hamilton was killed by an off-duty Milwaukee police officer.

The group marched through the streets of downtown Milwaukee chanting, “Not my President,” and carrying signs that read, “Love Trumps Hate.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Led by several student and social justice groups, a loosely organized crowd of several hundred that had gathered at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee swelled to nearly 2,000 as the mostly young, racially diverse demonstrators marched along Wisconsin Ave. screaming obscenity-laced chants against the background of makeshift drum beats.

“This is not my (expletive) president,” a young woman with a microphone declared before the crowd at the park roared in agreement.

“As working people, we have a common enemy,” Jacob Flom, 31, of the United Workers Organization, told fellow demonstrators, many holding signs condemning the president-elect as a dangerous, misogynistic racist.

“And nobody embodies that enemy like Donald Trump.”

Nancy Stone, 57, who identified herself as a psychotherapist who works with domestic abuse and sexual assault victims, said Trump’s election, “makes my heart ache.”

“We’ve elected a sexual predator as our president,” Stone told a reporter at the park.

“And I can’t stand by and not have my voice be heard.”

“He’s an abuser, He doesn’t respect people, he doesn’t respect other opinions, he doesn’t’ value anybody but himself.”

David Krueger, 28, said he hopes those who oppose Trump can channel their pain and anger with an eye toward the 2018 and 2020 elections.

“The last eight years under the Obama administration, I feel that we took for granted the movement toward equality and toward justice, and it feels like that’s been taken away from us in such a short time,” Krueger said.

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