Voter turnout in two Wisconsin counties is as high as 80 percent


Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, Wisconsin was seen as a crucial swing state in deciding who would become the nation’s 45th President.

This year, Wisconsin put into action voter suppression tactics like voter ID, and limits on early voting locations and times. These measures passed by the GOP-majority in the state legislature, seems to have helped President-elect Donald Trump in his road to the White House.

Voter turnout in Wisconsin was dramatically low for the 2016 presidential election. The lowest it has been in 20 years. But in two Northern Wisconsin, Vilas and Oneida counties, voter turnout was at an all-time high – over 80 percent.

River News Online reports:

 Vilas County

Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in Vilas County 8,169 votes to 4,769.

In the U.S. senate race between incumbent Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Russ Feingold, a race the Democratic Party at both state and national levels was counting on to help it gain a majority in the U.S. Senate, Johnson defeated Feingold, 8,247 votes in to 4,819.

U.S. State Representative Sean Duffy, also a Republican incumbent, defeated Democratic challenger Mary Hoeft, 8,849 votes to 4,450.

In the 12th District State Senate race, incumbent Republican Tom Tiffany defeated Democratic challenger Bryan Van Stippen in Vilas County 7,851 votes to 4,069 votes.

And in the 34th State Assembly race between incumbent Republican Rob Swearingen and Democratic newcomer Matthew Michalsen, 7,725 votes to 4,132.

According to Vilas County clerk Dave Alleman, there are 16,127 registered voters in the county. Of those, 13,695, or 85 percent, voted.

Oneida County

The story was the same in Oneida County, which has a larger population.

There was a slightly higher percentage of voter turnout – 87 percent – than Vilas County.

Of the county’s 25,000 registered voters, 21,871 participated on election day or in early voting.

Trump’s totals in the county were 11, 677 compared to 8,103 for Clinton.

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