Wisconsin counties scramble to handle the recount


Nearly 3 million ballots cast for president need to be recounted in Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a breakdown of what some counties across the state will be doing. A major costs to counties will be security because the ballots need to be secured 24/7.

According to the Journal Sentinel: 

“We’re trying to figure out all the logistics. How many people we’ll need. How many tables and chairs. How many machines,” Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph J. Czarnezki said Monday afternoon.

Sheboygan County Clerk Jon Dolson was elected four years ago and has never handled a recount. On Monday, he was reviewing notes from his predecessor following the last statewide recount, the Supreme Court election in 2011. Six people handled that recount in Sheboygan County. But now recount workers in Sheboygan County will have to count more than 58,000 presidential ballots cast in the county.

“I’m thinking maybe six or eight (workers) because it seems to be a shortened window” to complete the recount, said Dolson, adding that he’ll probably hire poll workers because “you don’t have to retrain them to work with tabulating machines.”

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