Former Brewers owner Bud Selig elected to MLB Hall of Fame

Major League Commissioner Bud Selig stands in front of Milwaukee County Stadium in 1988. Selig brought baseball back to Milwaukee in 1970 by after acquiring and moving the Seattle Pilots. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Tribune News Service)

There’s a statue of him outside of Miller Park, and former Milwaukee Brewers owner, Bud Selig is largely credited with returning major league baseball to Milwaukee.

On July 30, 2017, Selig will be enshrined in the baseball Hall of Fame – his 83rd birthday. Bud Selig oversaw baseball operations in some of the most difficult times, specifically during the 1994 player’s strike. Selig retired in 2015, and currently serves as the Commissioner Emeritus of Baseball, in addition to teaching various courses on the history of baseball and sports law.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” 

Selig has taken on an aggressive teaching role. Every Tuesday, he travels to Madison where he teaches a history course entitled “Baseball in American Society, 1945-present.” Selig also will continue teaching a sports law course at Marquette University on Wednesdays in 2017, something he has done for six years. And, as if that weren’t enough, he agreed to teach another sports law course at Arizona State on Fridays, necessitating long weekend trips to Phoenix on a regular basis.

“It keeps me busy but I really love it,” Selig said. “I’m also trying to write a book, so I guess I do have a lot going on. But it has been very rewarding.”


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