Packers win at home against the Texans 21-13


With the snow falling, the Green Bay Packers showed their dominance against the Houston Texans. Despite the win, the Packers relied on the Detroit Lions to lose against the New Orleans Saints, but that didn’t happen. The Packers (6-6) have gained a chance to play in the Wild Card game.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel breaks down what went well for the Packers Sunday:

Ever resourceful, Mike McCarthy, Dom Capers and Aaron Rodgers made adjustment after adjustment and, in the end, repulsed the equally determined Houston Texans, 21-13, in a game that was vital for both teams.

“This is our time of year now,” said McCarthy. “December football. Obviously, we know what our record is, too. These games are the hardest of the year.”

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