Wisconsin electors expected to vote for Trump


Last week, recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, certified that Donald Trump indeed won those states by very narrow margins.

Today, the 10 Wisconsin electors are voting again for Donald Trump.

The Wisconsin Gazette reports:

Brian Westrate is one of 10 Republican Party insiders selected to serve as electors, the people who will cast ballots across the country Monday for Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton. Electors have been under pressure from Trump opponents to not cast their ballots for him, even if he won the state.

Westrate laughed when asked if anyone had tried to convince him not to cast his Electoral College vote for president-elect Donald Trump.

“Let me give you the total as of right now,” Westrate said early last week. “48,324 emails about my role as elector, some have been for Mr. Trump and some have been asking me to maintain my role and honor.”
The small-business owner and GOP district chairman in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, said he also got about 100 letters or postcards, from all 50 states, and 30 phone calls.

“I have a Twitter debate with a former porn star from California asking me to change my vote,” said Westrate, a Republican activist from Eau Claire. “It’s been fascinating.”

Westrate said he isn’t budging, and neither are any of the other Republican electors in Wisconsin who spoke to The Associated Press. Six of the 10 electors spoke with AP about their intentions while the other five did not respond to phone or email messages.
But elector Brad Courtney, chairman of the Republican Party, insisted that all of them would be sticking with Trump.

“Wisconsin voters spoke loud and clear and I intend to honor their decision,” Courtney said. “All of us will be doing the same.”

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