You won’t believe who is running against Scott Walker


Days after joining President-elect Donald Trump at a rally in West Allis, today Governor Walker strongly hinted towards running for a third term in 2018.

After he spoke to a business association in Madison, he was asked about his future political aspirations. “I think what probably gives me the most enthusiasm about considering a third term are the possibilities we have as a state with some of the changes that are going to happen in Washington,” he said, referring to the Trump administration and Republican control in Congress.

Like the career-politician he is, Gov. Walker stopped short of announcing his bid for a third term, saying he would wait until after the budget was finalized in June to announce any future plans. He added, “To me that inspires a whole new opportunity we have, not just for the next two years, but for the foreseeable future to put in place even greater reforms that will help the people of this state.”

There has been wide speculation about who will run against the only Governor to survive a recall election in the United States.

One name on the short-list of contenders has been state Senator Jennifer Shilling. Shilling is a Democrat from La Crosse, who was recently elected to a second term as minority leader. On Thursday, Shilling told the Madison Times” I am not running in 2018. I’m really happy with the role that I have and the district I represent and serving in the state Senate.”

Earlier this year, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, didn’t rule out a gubernatorial run, state Sen. Tim Cullen, said he’d consider a run in July, and former Attorney General candidate Susan Happ set up social media pages, but hasn’t named the statewide race. Assemblyman Dana Wachs’ name has been tossed out as a possible candidate, although, he has yet to speak publicly about it.

As the Wisconsin winter goes away and spring begins to emerge, we should hear more commitments from those who plan on taking on the political giant, Gov. Scott Walker.